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"Irony" I Swear to GOD This is True!!! [Jun. 10th, 2011|05:24 pm]
Blizzard's furry friends


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Posted to ALL my wow groups because whether you play it or not, it's funny.

Do you want to know the very meaning of irony?

SO Last night on my Paladin I landed in a group that had gotten to the Reaver boss in Heroic Deadmines. Now this is heroic mode so usually people by this level KNOW their shit. One of the said party members was a player named Burrn - This warlock by some way or another was not only plagued by fire it was his curse. You'd think that someone who would name himself Burrn should know what happens when you touch fire, not this guy! He plagued me too with this curse, as twice I was directly involved with his rampant need for self-destruction in this slew of a dungeon run.

-First, the Foe Reaver boss. Since I was the only melee dpser in the group I was opted to run the Prototype reaver. I'd done it before, I know the score. As soon as the boss pulled, my monitor blacked out on me for about 10 seconds. It came on and the first of the adds to spawn had made their way up the ramp and proceeded to start exploding. I ran up as quick as I could and threw it off, but Burrn had been the victim of the explosions and was now dead.

-The second instance of this didn't happen until we reached the Ship cove, where not once, but twice, Burrn was knocked off the bridge by the exploding cannonballs. He didn't die, but he might as well have.

-The non-fire intensive fights that followed, all the way up the ship, fighting Ripsnarl and Cookie went through almost flawlessly (though I died once or twice) Then we get to Vanessa VanCleef and she hits us with the nightmare potion. Burrn died twice-by-fire in the fire nightmare.

-During the electric nightmare, he ran head long into one of the spinning bolts of lightning at the boss. I consider that a burn of sorts... but also I thought he was the tank running at the boss so I started following him, only to see the Foe Reaver come running at me, I backed up and got hit by the back swing, dying as well. (sheesh)

-We make it through the rest of the nightmare and face Vanessa again. I'm impressed that he only managed light damage through the fight when we had to rope swing away. But when Vanessa suicide bombed guess who was RIGHT next to her, a mere split second too late for Leap of Faith who pulled his body across to her? Right... Burrn was burned again.

-I ended up rezzing Burrn, laughing at how bad his luck had been that run. He thanked me and then proceeded to walk INTO the blazing fire on the ship and he died again. I asked him why the hell he did that. His response, as he was getting another rez, was "I wanted to see if it would hurt me." I answered "Let me introduce you to the meaning of FIRE!" and he answered "Well, forges have fire and they can't kill you."

I thanked everyone for the run and exited the group, laughing so hard that my eyes were watering.

NOW to the fun part of this, if you have a story you'd like to call "I Swear to GOD This is True!!!" Just respond to this post and tell everyone your story. Just for fun it's FRIDAY people! Come on!